Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Review: Pizza Shack (Willis, TX)

If you ever find yourself traveling from Huntsville to Houston or anywhere in-between, you should seriously consider stopping in Willis to check out Pizza Shack. It is located at 115 W Montgomery St. You just take the Willis exit, take a left over the interstate, and keep going until right before you reach Hwy 75. Pizza Shack will be on your right. 

Both times I have been to Pizza Shack, I have ordered things other than pizza. I have heard great things about the pizza, but the last time I went, I couldn't resist ordering the blackened chicken penne. Most of the dishes come with a small salad, and of course, you get bread sticks. 

This had 4 sticks, but my friend ate one before I could get a photo.
The prices were a little steep (my blackened chicken was about $14 & my friend's chicken alfredo was about $11), but if you arrive before 3p, you can order from the lunch menu, which is significantly cheaper - almost half the price. 
Blackened Chicken with Penne Pasta
I forgot to mention that we ordered an appetizer - fried zucchini. It was your basic fried zucchini, cut into spears and fried. It came with your choice of ranch or marinara, but I didn't read that, so the default was marinara. 
I will probably do without the zucchini next time. It was $5.99 and not the best fried zucchini I have ever had. More importantly, I couldn't finish my food and had to take half of it home with me. 

The atmosphere is somewhat casual. I saw people with dressy clothes and people with jeans, so it's just a "come as you are" sort of place. 

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